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  • MY DOG My Steven

    Test and Steven

  • MY DOG My Brings happiness to everyone with her smart little attitude... The cheekiest family member we have!

    Cassie and Izzabelle

  • MY DOG My best friend

    Teneale and Otis

  • MY DOG My Tia

    leanne and Tia

  • MY DOG My Little Boy In A Dog Suit

    Karen and Frankie

  • MY DOG My Reason to Smile

    Courtney and Fate

  • MY DOG My guardian angel

    Courtney and Chance

  • MY DOG My confidante

    laurie and suarez

  • MY DOG My kids

    Peng Soon and Rya & Ray

  • MY DOG My Soul

    Jonny and Spot

  • MY DOG My tandem

    Mick and Huxtadogger

  • MY DOG My Tough Miracle

    Jacqueline and MooMoo

  • MY DOG My Is my everything!!

    Marie and Zion

  • MY DOG My furry daughter

    Val and Bella

  • MY DOG My Fur Baby

    Shannon and Scout

  • MY DOG My furbaby

    Kelly and Benji

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Your trainer? Your best mate or your shadow? Perhaps they're your hero? Maybe they're your angel.
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