Feeding Suggestions

Why mixed feeding may be right for your dog

Serving your small dog a combination of specially-formulated wet and dry dog food, means she can enjoy all the benefits of both. It’s a healthy and balanced combination that your special friend will appreciate.

The benefits of dry dog food

Dry dog food comes in all sorts of crunchy shapes. And one of the great things about dry food is that chewing the crunchy kibbles help remove plaque and tartar build up from your dog’s teeth.

When you buy dry food, you’re ensuring your canine companion is getting all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals she needs.

But that’s only half of the mixed feeding story.

The benefits of wet dog food

On it’s own, wet dog food is also complete and balanced nutrition for your small dog, and it tastes great! Not only that, but wet formulas also tend to have fewer calories per gram than dry food.

Another benefit to giving your four-legged friend wet food is that it provides her with additional moisture content, compared to dry. Small dogs can be more prone to urinary tract problems compared to their larger counterparts. Getting enough moisture helps support a healthy urinary tract.

Wet and dry dog food: the best of both worlds

By combining both wet and dry food in your dog’s diet, she’ll get the benefits of both: the crunchy kibbles which help remove plaque and tartar build up, and the extra moisture of wet – not to mention the great taste of wet recipes. On top of that, she’ll get all the nutrition her little body needs.

Whether you serve your dog wet food, dry food, or both at once, you want to give her the very best. And when you make healthy choices about what goes in her bowl, you’ll be doing just that – giving her the best. After all, that’s just what she deserves.