Breed Selector

    1. What sort of residence do you have?

    2. What type of area do you live in?

    3. What size is your garden (Yard)?

    4. Are you able to keep a dog secure?

    5. How much daily exercise would you give your dog?

    6. For how long would your dog be alone each week?

    7. Do elderly or disabled people stay with you?

    8. What age group will the owner of the dog be in?

    9. What is the age of the youngest child living in or regularly visiting the house?

    10. How active is the owner?

    11. How energetic should your dog be?

    12. What size of dog would you prefer?

    13. How much are you willing to spend weekly to feed your dog?

    14. What length of coat would you prefer?

    15. How much grooming would your dog receive each week?

    16. Do you want a dog that will protect your property?

    17. Have you owned a dog before?

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