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Quality ingredients, including real meat


✔ Carefully sourced, quality ingredients
✔ All ingredients fully traceable to our trusted suppliers
✔ Meat & offal from animals fit for human consumption
✔ The goodness of vegetables
✔ Fortified with vitamins and minerals
✔ No added sugar or artificial flavours
✔ No fillers
✔ Developed with vets

Our ingredients

Nothing is more important to us than helping your dog thrive with nourishing, healthy dog food. That’s why we develop our recipes with the help of our expert vets at the WALTHAM™ centre, ensuring they fulfil 100% of the nutritional needs of your dog, so you can share the joy of luxurious, tasty food with your best friend.

All the ingredients we use in our dog food are there to fulfil a specific role such as providing nutrition, increasing safety or improving the taste of our already delicious food.

Recipes crafted with select natural ingredients

Our recipes are made from quality select natural ingredients and prepared right here in the Hume region of Victoria.

Meat & nutritious offal

Meat and nutritious offal

It’s the delicious ingredients that get dogs so excited about our recipes. Dogs especially love offal – it’s what they’d choose to eat first in the wild because internal organs like liver, kidney and heart contain high levels of essential nutrients including various vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

For example, liver contains a sulphur amino acid called taurine, which helps to keep your dog's eyes and heart healthy. It’s also extremely tasty to a dog! The meat and offal we use in MY DOG® always comes from animals passed fit for human consumption and handled according to all the relevant legislation of the Department of Primary Industry and/or Department of Agriculture.

A happy gut

We include healthy fibres that feed gut microbes, thereby supporting a healthy digestive system because we know that a healthy gut is important for optimal absorption of nutrients and minerals. With no artificial flavours or added sugars, you can be certain our recipes are as healthy and tasty as they look.

Sack of grains

Discover our scrumptious recipes, from old favourites to new flavours.

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